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Death ….

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Well I found out while at work that my Grandmother had diead, which I later found out was in her sleep.  This is my mothers mothers and she was a wreck.  There was nothing really wrong with her and she had been in normal contact with people up until last week.

As a lonely person I wasn’t much for family so haven’t felt the loss as much as my sisters and mum, other than the initial shock.  This is my first real death of someone I truly knew …

Had/got a migraine today (well as I type this at work).  I’ve long since said to myself I’ll not let it ruin my daily life anymore.  Loosing vision and the head ache make it difficult, but I’ll overcome.  I don’t know what the trigger was today I was at the dinning table eating KFC (Twister, Chips and strips) and it just kicked in after the end of the meal.

Now it could be due to the cold weathers and the blood flow to the stomach after eating.  I slept well last night and didn’t goto bed too late.

More EVE

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Well the game currently has my attention … 🙂  The time taken to reach certain training levels to gain access to bigger and better things is a double edged sword.  The want to get to ‘their’ hopefully will continue to entertain me enough to keep going.  Knowing a goal will take 5, 6 7+ month to reach is strange one.

Finally got enough money and skill to purchase and fly a top level of the frigates, so tonight I’ll be able to purchase that ship and be able to hold my own with more enemies.

At the end of my season after watching Boston Legal and Scrubs just before be I started to get a migraine.  Now I was using my glasses to watch TV and Underworld – Evolution.  Now I think the glasses are doing it or contributing to them, as I’ve had the same effect each time I’ve used them to watch TV.  So I wont be doing that any time soon.

New Copier & Migraine

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Well we’ve got a new printer/copier in our office and I’m quite pleased. Recently my office was renovated and now it’s much better as I no longer have my back to everyone that walked in ..

Anyway’s back to the printer, it’s a wiz back color copier. Which will be a great asset. Funny enough to my non-working activities. I print a lot of DVD covers and this will allow me to quickly and cheaply print them. Also the quality for digital prints will be great. Full colored booklets and images …. heaven.

Had a migraine this morning at work. Not sure if it was due to the very rich chocolates or the cold weather we’ve been having. In recent years they have gotten better, but in the last months I’ve made an effort to not allow them to interfer with my working days. I now keep a surply of headache tablets which seem to work, strongest I can get without a doctors subscription. I might use this blog as a migraine journal as well. Will go and create a new catagory to store under I think.

I also found that I can access the userplane chat rooms that they use for TRHH/TBR … that might be dangerous knowledge to have at work 🙂