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It’s been awhile

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

So I’ve been working at the gym of course, pushin’ hard … well as hard I push, and increased some max weights.  Which is good as it give you a sense of purpose and reward for doing the hard work.  Also help to renew the drive to continue.

So some new maximums.

  • Deadlift 210kg/462lb Now I have a video of this first lift, but I’ve done so later on and at a better technique.
  • Leg Press 350kg/770lb This was for a few reps, so a one rep max I’ve never fully tested yet.
  • One arm rows 90kg/200lb  This was very hard as I had to balance two 100lb db on each other and it kept hitting my chest.  I’m sure if I had a single 200lb db I’d have done it easier.
  • Squat 130kg/286lb This was also for a few reps and not a one set max.  But since dropping 160kg and injuring myself (never use a belt again) I’ve been a little ‘scared’ of this exercise and the squat rack at the gym is shit for my height.

I’m sure I’ve done some more max’s, but can’t remember.  My goal is for a 237kg/500lb Deadlift, I’m sure 220kg is do-able, just need to get the right mindset and day.

I have some exciting times ahead of me in the relationship front and I’m hoping this weekend with be the start of some good.  Only time will tell, so fingers cross.  I’m sure I’ll not keep you posted 😉

Hope the first step to disappointment :)

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Well the trainee started, and well she certainly as beautiful as I remembered.

But that being said I found out her age and well a lot younger than I. So I wont burn any bridges but my hopes were dashed. Either way some nice eye candy, and she’s quite bubbly so that will certainly brighten up the place.

I find that I’m smitten, which means I loose appetite and can’t eat. This is an indicator for me that I like a person, that I can’t eat around them. I’m also acting like a little school boy which means I tend to act bad towards her to cover my attraction.

… fuck! Maybe I’ll grow up one day..


Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Well on the 15th of January 2007 a nice new computer trainee starts at work (1 year appointment).  This is a major thing as I’ve seen her and she’s quit nice and more so where I work most are a lot older than I.  With my limited social network it’s hard for me to meet new people, let alone a nice woman.  As I work quit close with the computer department this will be a nice opportunity 🙂

Now I just have to not fuck it up.  But from initial impressions it’s looking very promising.

What is missing?

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Well who knows what is to become of the broken hearted…

Funny there are a number of very attractive woman I get to see in my general goings-on. But I rarely have the courage or desire to make anything of it. Martine at Coles … she of all of them represents what I feel is my strongest physical female characteristic. Tall, confident, well spoken, well breasted and not thin.

Funny I’ve only spoken what 2-3 times in a more than single word conversation. How do I instigate a conversation, how do I get noticed. I don’t even know if she’s available let alone remotely interested. 80% of the time I enjoy my own time, do I put someone else through that uncertainty?

I don’t know how to think, how to feel. I’m very emotional, but have no emotions. How is that possible, I can cry, I can laugh, but don’t know how to love… I have no ‘hole’, no real desires to take that step. But when I take that step do I want it. Is the the chase better than the prize … in the past it has. But that could be because the prize hasn’t truly been what I want … what do I want?

I think that is the answer I need to come up with before I can continue.

…. will being alone be that bad, ultimately we all die alone … don’t we?

Hmmmm don’t we, interesting choice of words.