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Workin’ away.

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Well another bored day, but the minor distractions I have from various online endeavours sustain me I work away on this blog site, minor tweaks to the theme. Based it on the default one and just adding in my little tweaks. Blue is my favorite of color so usually go for blues or  blacks.

Got to think of a better logo than ‘plain’ blue gradient. Not sure what to have there, but I’m sure at one point or another I’ll think of something.

What have we here?

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Well I really am not too sure of what is to become of this place. For the many years I’ve spent online I’ve made it point to maintain a little distance from people but also maintain secretcy in regards to my personal and inner thoughts.

I had a thought to put some of my daily going-ons and thoughts into print. Not with any idea of anyone else reading them, but to just get them outthere. Now to those that know me, they know this goes against nearly ever fibre of my being.

So who knows what will come of this… time will certainly tell.