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More gym escapades

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Still going strong … heHE.

Well in the last months I’ve shifted my previous focus from upper torso too include legs, or at least more focused on my lower body. With that in mind I shift to the power 3, Bench, Squat & Dead-lift. I like to include some pull-ups as well for a nice pump.

On Monday I dead-lifted my heaviest weight so far …. 190kg/418lb! Now I only weigh around 88kg, so that is more than 200% my body weight 😀 My goal is 200kg … and I almost got 200kg, I think if I had gone for the 200 first and not done the 190 I would have lifted it!

So my current maxes are:
Flat Bench: 145kg (haven’t test max in a while)
Decline Bench: 150kg
Incline Bench: 120kg (haven’t really tested max)

Squat: 130kg (Dropped 160kg a while back and haven’t been brave enough to try again)
Leg Press: 310kg (Haven’t tried to max rep this one yet, but limited weights where I train…)
Dead-lift: 190kg

Shoulder Press: 125kg (Machine doesn’t go any higher, so can’t test more. Have to put a single 25kg plate on stack.)
Cable Row: 140kg (Machine doesn’t go any higher … well I have to put 25kg & 15kg plates on the stack..)

So will work on my legs more, I don’t think I’m even near my max on those… so it’s good to have new goals and not get too bored with standard routines.

Gym class hero!

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Well I’ve since returned to weight training (bodybuilding/weight lifting, etc) and have been at it for a few months now.  I remember in my younger days do about the same amount of training, but never was as strong as I am now.  This surprises me as I figured an early 20’s guy should be able to amass more muscle than an early 30’s guy …. but go figure.

For the most part I’m happy with my progress, but like before am not happy with the muscle mass or strength.  When dealing with ones self it seems you can never be happy.  I look at myself and have the impression of smallness …

But that being said I benched the most I’ve ever bench the other week, 130kilograms/286pounds.  Now I only weight ~85kg so that’s quite a lot. It was only a power-set (single rep) but it still was impressive, I can do 2-4 power-sets of 120kg so the strength is there.  Alas I want more and it’s still not enough.

A colleague (female) once asked me “Why are you doing it, what are you hoping for?”. I had no response, I don’t know why I do it … but for the most part I enjoy it.  It is most likely due to the fact I have nothing else to do, I’m sure if I had a lady friend or something more enjoyable to do I’d soon loose interest.  So for now I continue to try and get stronger.

That’s the key strength, I don’t want to be big and weak.   But smaller (if need be) and strong as an ox.

Workin’ away.

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Well another bored day, but the minor distractions I have from various online endeavours sustain me I work away on this blog site, minor tweaks to the theme. Based it on the default one and just adding in my little tweaks. Blue is my favorite of color so usually go for blues or  blacks.

Got to think of a better logo than ‘plain’ blue gradient. Not sure what to have there, but I’m sure at one point or another I’ll think of something.