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Death ….

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Well I found out while at work that my Grandmother had diead, which I later found out was in her sleep.  This is my mothers mothers and she was a wreck.  There was nothing really wrong with her and she had been in normal contact with people up until last week.

As a lonely person I wasn’t much for family so haven’t felt the loss as much as my sisters and mum, other than the initial shock.  This is my first real death of someone I truly knew …

Had/got a migraine today (well as I type this at work).  I’ve long since said to myself I’ll not let it ruin my daily life anymore.  Loosing vision and the head ache make it difficult, but I’ll overcome.  I don’t know what the trigger was today I was at the dinning table eating KFC (Twister, Chips and strips) and it just kicked in after the end of the meal.

Now it could be due to the cold weathers and the blood flow to the stomach after eating.  I slept well last night and didn’t goto bed too late.


Friday, May 26th, 2006

Well today is my birthday, and I turn the big 30. Just another day, just another number … oh well.

Had morning tea and lunch at work, I don’t like the fuss. But truly don’t mind it either.

Proxy is still blocked at work, it does block some sites and content. Damn them, but oh well. I’m working on a method to by pass the proxy via a SSH tunnel. I’ve gotten it working on the old proxy, but I don’t want to have to use that one and have it work on the ‘new’ one. I enjoy a challenge.

Finally subscribed to EVE Online, so that’s my MMO of choice for the moment. It offers some fun and break in the boredom. Met a few friendly and helpful people on there so look forward to that.

My sister and niece came over to work and surprised me and that was pleasant. She at times a sole reason to continue.