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New chapters opening up!

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Seems quite a few major events get posted on this blog, when I look back.  Guess that was the point of it, but I never realized that’s how it actually played out.

So with that 10 years are my current home comes to and end, recently sold the property.   Funny enough, 10 years ago I had just brought this property, which at the time I should have learnt that Christmas/New Years isn’t the ideal time to be moving from one place to another.   I’m looking to build a new home, which the land is currently untitled.  So that means I have to find some temporary/semi-permanent dwellings.  Hence not the best time for moving.

But it’s slow and steady, and hopefully first step to a great new home (much bigger and grander than the current) and new amazing chapters in life!