Up the dose!

Well I’ve been hitting the gym the last week more regularily.  6 days on a 3 day split.

  1. Deads, Squats & Incline.  Mostly Deads and other leg work
  2. Chest and Back; incline, pullups, bench, rows.  Chest and back
  3. Arms and shoulders; curls, tricep extensions, close grip, shoulder presses.

It’s been okay.  Pushing out some decent numbers.  Have grown a few cm in places.  In the next week or so will have 2 weeks holidays, so will focus a little more and push out maybe twice days.  But hopefully will be able to get to the gym with a friend and push out some good sessions.

It can be hard to do max work by yourself without a spotter, so am finding it hard to go as hard as I can.

So push it to the limit!!!

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