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Well for about 18 months I’ve been helping out on the SimpleMachines forum site as a Support  ‘Specialist’.  I started around Sept/Oct 2007 joining to ask a question about custom profiles.

After that I saw many threads asking for help, so started posting help.  The constant new and various thread gave a welcomed break to the boring internet.  So I got more and more spammy with support.  It was very enjoyable and at the height of my activity was posting ~1200 posts a month.

Recently I’ve been voted into the duel position of Lead Support Specialist.  So now with the fellow Lead we need to try and stimulate the current members we have to continue supporting the community.  But I can understand the burnout many can have with answering the same questions in and out.  So will have to come up with some interesting methods to make it easier for people to help and incentive to help. , check it out.  A great free and powerful forum software.

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