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More gym escapades

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Still going strong … heHE.

Well in the last months I’ve shifted my previous focus from upper torso too include legs, or at least more focused on my lower body. With that in mind I shift to the power 3, Bench, Squat & Dead-lift. I like to include some pull-ups as well for a nice pump.

On Monday I dead-lifted my heaviest weight so far …. 190kg/418lb! Now I only weigh around 88kg, so that is more than 200% my body weight 😀 My goal is 200kg … and I almost got 200kg, I think if I had gone for the 200 first and not done the 190 I would have lifted it!

So my current maxes are:
Flat Bench: 145kg (haven’t test max in a while)
Decline Bench: 150kg
Incline Bench: 120kg (haven’t really tested max)

Squat: 130kg (Dropped 160kg a while back and haven’t been brave enough to try again)
Leg Press: 310kg (Haven’t tried to max rep this one yet, but limited weights where I train…)
Dead-lift: 190kg

Shoulder Press: 125kg (Machine doesn’t go any higher, so can’t test more. Have to put a single 25kg plate on stack.)
Cable Row: 140kg (Machine doesn’t go any higher … well I have to put 25kg & 15kg plates on the stack..)

So will work on my legs more, I don’t think I’m even near my max on those… so it’s good to have new goals and not get too bored with standard routines.