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Death ….

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Well I found out while at work that my Grandmother had diead, which I later found out was in her sleep.  This is my mothers mothers and she was a wreck.  There was nothing really wrong with her and she had been in normal contact with people up until last week.

As a lonely person I wasn’t much for family so haven’t felt the loss as much as my sisters and mum, other than the initial shock.  This is my first real death of someone I truly knew …

Had/got a migraine today (well as I type this at work).  I’ve long since said to myself I’ll not let it ruin my daily life anymore.  Loosing vision and the head ache make it difficult, but I’ll overcome.  I don’t know what the trigger was today I was at the dinning table eating KFC (Twister, Chips and strips) and it just kicked in after the end of the meal.

Now it could be due to the cold weathers and the blood flow to the stomach after eating.  I slept well last night and didn’t goto bed too late.


Friday, May 26th, 2006

Well today is my birthday, and I turn the big 30. Just another day, just another number … oh well.

Had morning tea and lunch at work, I don’t like the fuss. But truly don’t mind it either.

Proxy is still blocked at work, it does block some sites and content. Damn them, but oh well. I’m working on a method to by pass the proxy via a SSH tunnel. I’ve gotten it working on the old proxy, but I don’t want to have to use that one and have it work on the ‘new’ one. I enjoy a challenge.

Finally subscribed to EVE Online, so that’s my MMO of choice for the moment. It offers some fun and break in the boredom. Met a few friendly and helpful people on there so look forward to that.

My sister and niece came over to work and surprised me and that was pleasant. She at times a sole reason to continue.

Work, blocked?

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Damn those … came into work this morning to find my ‘standard’ method of connecting to the internet blocked.  So had to revert the ‘new’ way which is a pain as it uses a Java aplett and they block more sites which I want to visit.

Will have to see if this is a glitch to they’ve finally changed it for good.  If that is the case then why still have Border Manager.  Hopefully the change will fuck something major up and they’ll have to open it up once again.

Here is hoping 🙂

More EVE

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Well the game currently has my attention … 🙂  The time taken to reach certain training levels to gain access to bigger and better things is a double edged sword.  The want to get to ‘their’ hopefully will continue to entertain me enough to keep going.  Knowing a goal will take 5, 6 7+ month to reach is strange one.

Finally got enough money and skill to purchase and fly a top level of the frigates, so tonight I’ll be able to purchase that ship and be able to hold my own with more enemies.

At the end of my season after watching Boston Legal and Scrubs just before be I started to get a migraine.  Now I was using my glasses to watch TV and Underworld – Evolution.  Now I think the glasses are doing it or contributing to them, as I’ve had the same effect each time I’ve used them to watch TV.  So I wont be doing that any time soon.

EVE Online

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Well I finally installed and started the trial period for this MMO.  I had had a trial key for a awhile but was hesitant about trying it, don’t know why.  The graphics always looked impressive and reminded me of Homeworld another game I played and enjoyed.

Well the first few days had some downtime due to patches and hardware updated.  Bad timing on my part.

Well the game is so huge, you wouldn’t believe and what has gotten me is the micro management of skill training.  Which occurs out of game.  So once I get into a game I loose myself in it … so I’m sure everything else will suffer.  This blog and other sites….

What is missing?

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Well who knows what is to become of the broken hearted…

Funny there are a number of very attractive woman I get to see in my general goings-on. But I rarely have the courage or desire to make anything of it. Martine at Coles … she of all of them represents what I feel is my strongest physical female characteristic. Tall, confident, well spoken, well breasted and not thin.

Funny I’ve only spoken what 2-3 times in a more than single word conversation. How do I instigate a conversation, how do I get noticed. I don’t even know if she’s available let alone remotely interested. 80% of the time I enjoy my own time, do I put someone else through that uncertainty?

I don’t know how to think, how to feel. I’m very emotional, but have no emotions. How is that possible, I can cry, I can laugh, but don’t know how to love… I have no ‘hole’, no real desires to take that step. But when I take that step do I want it. Is the the chase better than the prize … in the past it has. But that could be because the prize hasn’t truly been what I want … what do I want?

I think that is the answer I need to come up with before I can continue.

…. will being alone be that bad, ultimately we all die alone … don’t we?

Hmmmm don’t we, interesting choice of words.

New Copier & Migraine

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Well we’ve got a new printer/copier in our office and I’m quite pleased. Recently my office was renovated and now it’s much better as I no longer have my back to everyone that walked in ..

Anyway’s back to the printer, it’s a wiz back color copier. Which will be a great asset. Funny enough to my non-working activities. I print a lot of DVD covers and this will allow me to quickly and cheaply print them. Also the quality for digital prints will be great. Full colored booklets and images …. heaven.

Had a migraine this morning at work. Not sure if it was due to the very rich chocolates or the cold weather we’ve been having. In recent years they have gotten better, but in the last months I’ve made an effort to not allow them to interfer with my working days. I now keep a surply of headache tablets which seem to work, strongest I can get without a doctors subscription. I might use this blog as a migraine journal as well. Will go and create a new catagory to store under I think.

I also found that I can access the userplane chat rooms that they use for TRHH/TBR … that might be dangerous knowledge to have at work 🙂

Busy day ..

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Well a busy day at work, fully days like this are a rarity. I’d prefer these types of days where the time just goes, nothing like keepin’ the mind active and busy.

It funny though with the many days where the time isn’t always that full I get annoyed when I have to work. Sometimes I have the wrong mindset to do the job. But work smarter not harder I say.

Having the internet is a godsent, with most of the communications online and most of those I call friends on the other side of the world I’d never have time to see them. Daylight saving time really fuck’s things up as well, most of those in the US are fast asleep when I’m home.

Boston Legal & Scrubs

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Late night television, it’s the savior for me. There is currently so much total shit on in ‘prime’ time. You have infomercial style lifestyle show, reality show and then just plain crap shows. No wonder I have a 1000+ library of DVD’s.

Anyways I remember watching the last season of The Practice now this introduced James Spader and William Shatner. One of the great actors. I watched as hit wit, humor and charm once again bought the show to it’s peak. Then it was axed, I was really dis-hearted. I remember actually thinking, damn I will never get to see these characters into my life again. It’s amazing how we or I can be so attached to a TV series. None the less I was.

Then there was a ray of sunshine, I heard that a spinoff was in production called Boston Legal. I was saved! It is on Mondays 10:30pm and is a highly of the week. The wit and comedic timing in the whole of the show is great. Danny Craine, how can you go past the Shatner. Then you have the likes and beauty of Murphy Brown. I chuckle, I laugh … it’s great.

Then after it you’ll find one of the under-rated comedies out there Scrubs. This too was in the briefest of moments on in ‘prime’ time. I have the first three seasons on DVD and would buy the rest if they were out. But I’m forced to stay up until 11:30pm Mondays and even later on Thursday nights to watch it. Like most long run series you come to love and enjoy the characters, were at the start there was a bit to get a laugh. Now they the characters and thoughts of the characters are so well known a simple look can make you laugh.

Why do comedic gems like this get pushed to the dark recesses of the night and you get shit like ‘airport journals’ or World’s wackiest commercials’ get prime time. They keep pushing us, then we just get our shows elsewhere and then no-one will watch them and their commercial dollars will dry up. How can they no look to this!

Workin’ away.

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Well another bored day, but the minor distractions I have from various online endeavours sustain me I work away on this blog site, minor tweaks to the theme. Based it on the default one and just adding in my little tweaks. Blue is my favorite of color so usually go for blues or  blacks.

Got to think of a better logo than ‘plain’ blue gradient. Not sure what to have there, but I’m sure at one point or another I’ll think of something.